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There are so many fascinating people, with even more fascinating stories that are somerworth residents. Here you will find their stories and pictures.

  • Somersworth Youth Connection Visits The Millyard Museum, Manchester Every once in a while I am allowed to leave Somersworth and explore the world outside. I know hard to believe, but  it’s true! Thursday July 20th was one of those days thanks to the Somersworth Youth Connection. The bus was loaded and ready to leave at 9am and before we knew it we found ... Read More Here
  • International Children’s Festival Offered Fun For All It was a busy weekend here in Somersworth and it began as any other weekend does with a Friday night. This was not a Friday night that several will easily forget though. This Friday night should have seen the opening night for the 37th Somersworth International Children’s Festival. Friday Night Rain For as long as I can ... Read More Here
  • Pinups and Veterans: A Recipe For Fun Have you ever taken a facebook quiz where the idea is to discover your idea decade? I don’t have to do that quiz as I already know the answer. I love the 1940’s. Okay, to clarify, I don’t love the war but I do love the hair, the clothes and the resourcefulness that was shown ... Read More Here
  • Somersworth Youth Connection Awarded Funding For Five More Years Over the almost three years I’ve been running SomersworthNow.Com I have had the pleasure of working and witnessing the group Somersworth Youth Connection (SYC) in action. What is SYC? SYC is an after school program that was created ten years ago by Maureen Jackman. It has grown from an idea and a grant into a program that ... Read More Here
  • From The Archives: Times Have Certainly Changed Yesterday I posted the picture to the left on Somersworth Now’s Facebook page and asked if people knew who the officer in the picture was. Many guessed the correct answer: that it was a much younger Captain Timmons in the picture. He was taking part in a program that had been run by the YMCA at ... Read More Here
  • Rest In Peace Mayor McLin It is with a heavy heart that I have to report the passing of the Honorable James McLin. For eighteen years many of us knew him as Mayor of Somersworth. Many of us knew him as simply a friend. May he rest in peace and I extend my condolences to his family and hope you will join ... Read More Here
  • Celebrating the Patriots in the Hilltop City I seem to be making a habit of confessing here but this is a pretty big one. I confess I cannot for love nor money understand American Football. Now many people have tried to explain the game to me over the years and I finally have an interception down… I think. That doesn’t mean I don’t ... Read More Here
  • Celebrating two cultures: American and Indonesian On Friday January 20th, I could be found, along with the entire student body, in the cafeteria at Idlehurst school. The reason we were all assembled was a simple one. To learn more about the customs, traditions and fashions of a culture that plays a big part in Somersworth’s community: Indonesia. Once were all settled, a ... Read More Here
  • Berwick/Somersworth Parade A Big Hit I’ll let you into a secret if you promise not to tell. I love parades! I especially love Christmas parades, and since coming from across the pond I’ve been to more than my fair share of them over the years. On Saturday I found myself at the Berwick/Somersworth parade and I was so glad I ... Read More Here
  • Old Rail Pizza Co. Gives Back To The Community Anyone whose cooked a thanksgiving turkey appreciates it’s no mean feat. Now imagine having to prepare and cook 24 turkeys, 100 lb of mashed potatoes, 50lbs of green beans and all the trimmings and cooking for thanksgiving suddenly takes on a new meaning. That’s exactly what Albert and Lisa Lavalley the mother and son team that own ... Read More Here

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2 thoughts on “Somersworth People

  1. Reply Star Star Oct 29,2015 10:10 pm

    everyone running should have more detailed bios earlier and this website should should have a link to the town website and that website should have a link to this one. the town website should also have pages dedicated to every one of the candidates. it seems wrong that some of the candidates couldn’t be bothered to show up at the candidates forum which aired on channel 22 tonight, (10/29/15), which really should have been sooner. i still have too little info about the candidates and barely enough time to get my absentee ballot in on time. nov. 3rd is voting day.

    • Reply Jenne Oct 30,2015 10:05 am

      There is a link to Somersworth.Com the city’s website on the link section. I would have had more detailed bios of the candidates but there are only so many hours in the day and I also have to earn a living. Thanks for your suggestions and they will be filed for the next election cycle.

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