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Summersworth History MuseumSomersworth has a rich history and here we like to showcase that history. If you have a story to tell of Somersworth past don’t be shy, we would love to hear from you!

  • From Electric Trolleys To New Hampshire Liquor Store Outlet. New Use Sought For Old Building Riverside Garage will go before the planning board on Wednesday July 19th 2017 to seek permission for approval to add an addition to the current building. The purpose of the business will change as well with the proposed new use being a brand new state liquor store/outlet. Now those who are ... Read the rest of this here
  • Somersworth Lights The Way With LED Street Lights Over the past few months I’ve found myself pondering the evolution of something that we all take for granted on a daily basis. That is street lighting. Some of you may recall that there was a plan proposed a couple of years ago to remove some of the city street lights in order to reduce costs. ... Read the rest of this here
  • Somersworth Remembers Those Who Gave All Monday 29th May 2017, saw another Memorial Day pass in Somersworth. For some, that means fun at camp, time with the family and for others it is a holiday where we remember the lives of those who gave all in battle. My Monday morning like many others started at Forest Glade cemetery and would end at ... Read the rest of this here
  • Pinups and Veterans: A Recipe For Fun Have you ever taken a facebook quiz where the idea is to discover your idea decade? I don’t have to do that quiz as I already know the answer. I love the 1940’s. Okay, to clarify, I don’t love the war but I do love the hair, the clothes and the resourcefulness that was shown ... Read the rest of this here
  • From The Archives: Times Have Certainly Changed Yesterday I posted the picture to the left on Somersworth Now’s Facebook page and asked if people knew who the officer in the picture was. Many guessed the correct answer: that it was a much younger Captain Timmons in the picture. He was taking part in a program that had been run by the YMCA at ... Read the rest of this here
  • Solved! The Mysterious Case of ‘Proud Past Bright Future’ I love a good mystery and for me it’s always been a mystery as to exactly who came up with the Somersworth city slogan/motto, ‘Proud Past, Bright Future.’  Seeing as the name of Somersworth Now was, in part, born out of that slogan I decided to go digging in the archives at the Summersworth History ... Read the rest of this here
  • Do You Know Where? Answer Revealed So the answer to the question I posed Wednesday was: Ned’s Fish Market. This iconic fish market was once situated on Green Street. In more recent years it became Four Seasons until it closed. This mascot could be found n the counter of this popular fish market for many, many years. Ask any one who has been ... Read the rest of this here
  • Do You Know Where…? Do You Know Were… ? You will have to be a certain age (but not too old) to be able to identify where this mascot once stood in Somersworth. You have until Friday night to comment if you think you know which Somersworth’s business counter this stood on for many years. At which time I will put ... Read the rest of this here
  • Somersworth To Celebrate First 125 Years As A City Anyone that knows me, knows my love of history, or more specifically the history of Somersworth. Next year marks Somersworth’s 125th year as a city. So I figured I could turn to both my loves and give you a very brief history of Somersworth.  It is worth noting before you start reading that Somersworth is ... Read the rest of this here
  • Post Cards From The Past: Schools Schools So what’s a girl to do when the snow is coming down outside? Well, I could of written something deep and meaningful but instead I decided to try my hand at video editing today and develop a new series based on the postcards that can be found at the Summersworth Historical Museum. What follows is a ... Read the rest of this here

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