Somersworth Class of 1967 Reunite For 50th Year

Diane Dubios and Rolly Share memories over the 1967 year bookI know I seem to make a habit of this on here but I have yet another confession to make. I have never attended a school class reunion before. They were just beginning to become popular in England as I was leaving and it was just not something that was part of the culture.

So when I was invited to attend the class of 1967’s reunion on Saturday evening, I was a little hesitant. In part because I was somewhere around three years old when that class graduated. In part because although I know many of those that would be attending it seemed like I was intruding on something special. After all it’s not every day you get to see you class mates of fifty years ago. All of my concerns were squashed and I found myself at the American Legion Post 69 and I have to say I’m glad I decided to go and that I was honored to be asked to attend, in part to take photographs.

Like all the attendees I received a warm welcome from Corrine Smith and Arlene Jones. I soon found myself talking to a lot of people that I knew and it wasn’t long before I felt quite at home with the class of ’67.

I sat and observed as people who had not seen each other for many years came together and swapped stories of their life now as well as memories recalled. A few words from Dave Faucher and the entire room was in fits of laughter as memories were recalled.

Class Mates Gone But Not Forgotten

Somersworth Class of 1967 Classmates Remembered Sadly as the years have gone by many of the class of ’67 have passed through the pearly gates but there were not forgotten by their class mates. A table complete with candles held the pictures of the 22 class mates that were no longer with us. Dave mentioned them in his short but poignant speech and reminded those present that none of us are promised tomorrow.

With the speeches done, all that was left to do was dance the night away and I can tell you there were some awesome dance moves out on the floor. Several people commented when I complimented them on those moves, that it might be a very different story in the morning. I especially loved that as the first dance of the evening began each of those present was asked to find their original prom date and take the floor.

Stories From The Past Make Memories In The Future

Throughout the evening I was privileged to listen to stories, such as when the class of ’67 heard that the city was planning to no longer pay for sports at the school. Once the word spread, a protest was arranged and they were the first class to march down to city hall and protest the cuts. I’m happy to report that the protest was success, peaceful and the council and school board did not cut sports programs from the budget that year.

This was not the only thing the class of ’67 remembered that evening. Some recalled the the time when they became Class 1 Football champions and when Roger Corrveau was named Captain of the All-State and All – County Football teams. His name can also be found in the Somersworth hall of Fame. The time when they were evacuated to the football field thanks to a bomb scare.

I would discover as the evening went on some of the attendees had traveled from Florida to join in the fun. Many had stayed closer to home throughout the past fifty years.

Thank You

It was a privilege to be present at this event and it made me realize just how important our years at school really are. How many memories have been formed without us even realizing it at the time. How history has a habit of repeating itself. How precious life is and to take it for granted is a mistake. Watching as friendships from fifty years ago were rekindled, memories re-shared and photos of kids and grand kids were freely shown throughout the evening made me realize how important these reunions actually are.

My thanks go to the class of ’67 for inviting me to the party and here’s too many more years of memories made and shared.


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