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Somersworth National Night Out 2017The first week of August was a pretty busy one here in Somersworth. My family from England were visiting and they got to experience some of the hospitality the Hilltop city is known for.

Chapel Open Every Fourth Sunday of The Month

Sunday July 30th,  I could be found at the beautiful Furber Chapel which is located in the equally tranquil setting of Forest Glade cemetery. I was there to attend the second of four Sunday afternoon events and this time they had a string quartet that goes by the name of Artful Noise playing in the chapel.

Now a little know fact about me, is that I played the cello many years go and it’s a sound that I still love to this day. So along with about 35 other people I could be found sitting in the historic chapel listening to the beautiful music of Rachmaninoff and Elgar. For me it was nice to be able to sit still for a while and just listen. Nothing more than my ears were required for the afternoon’s performance. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and have to say Artful Noise lived up to their reputation as great musicians. If you get chance to listen to them please make an effort to do just that. You won’t be disappointed.

The next event in the chapel takes place on August 27th at 2pm. Some of you may recall that the Russians visited us a couple of years ago and this event is linked directly to that visit. Letters from Vladivostock will feature the life and letters of Eleanor Lord Pray and you can discover more about this fascinating Somersworth native HERE.

National Night Out For The Community

Somersworth National Night Out 2017Fast forward to Tuesday August 1st and I along with what seemed like half of the city could be found in Jules Bisson Park. The reason we were all there was for the National Night out, a national event that happens the first Tuesday in August across the nation. The event was created to foster community relations between local police forces and the community. Judging by the turn out and happy faces that could be found on Tuesday, Somersworth meet and exceeded those objectives.


Each person who attended received a bag courtesy of the Somersworth Prevention Coalition. If you filled out a simple survey you also received a very nice tee shirt to commemorate the evening. On entering the park which I’m very familiar with as my kids almost grew up there, it was great to see so many familiar faces. All the first responders were represented including the SPD, American Ambulance and the Somersworth Fire Department. Also present was Corporal Kerkensen from the Sheriffs office and he had brought a very special visitor in the shape of Jasper the blood hound. Jasper, was an immediate hit and seemed to really enjoy the attention.

Sharon Lampros and Mayor Dana Hilliard At Somersworth National Night Out 2017He was not the only animal visitor that night as the ever popular Wildlife Encounters joined in the fun. They brought several animals of the more exotic type that they are so well known for. These included a Macaw, porcupine and Many families could be found enjoying an educative talk about the animals. Still more families could be found enjoying the efforts of former High School Principal Sharon Lampros who was busy slaving over the grill. By the end of the evening she had grilled 300 hot dogs and all agreed that she had done a great job.

There were many area non profits represented at the event from SOS to Somersworth Youth Connection and everything in between. Kids could have their finger prints taken, the fire department brought the all important smoke house and fun was definitely the order of the day. There were raffle prizes from local businesses and even a his and her bike which were generously donated by Target.

SOS Recovery Services were well represented at Somersworth National Night Out 2017Everyone I spoke to had an awesome time, including myself. It was so nice to see so many of my neighbors and friends gathered in one spot and all with a smile on their faces. This years event was primarily organized by the Somersworth Prevention Coalition and I have to congratulate them all on a job very well done. Can’t wait to do it all again next year!

A Night At The Theater

Somersworth Greater Chamber Of Commerce At The Hackmatack Theater. Thursday night I could be found venturing outside of the city but not too far away.  This time I joined members of the Greater Somersworth Chamber of Commerce at the Hackmatack theater in Berwick. This was a night of meet and greets and a great show. That show was Steel Magnolias and it was the perfect accompaniment to a great night out with many other chamber members, who are now friends.

If you have never been to the Hackmatack and love theater in it’s purest form then you are in for a real treat. Located on the Guptill Bisson farm and yes there are plenty of bisson on the farm, the theater is celebrating 45 years in business this year. It’s not hard to see why either. It’s a small theater and is located in what was once a barn. Nowadays there is lightening, a stage and seating for around 250 people. It makes for an intimate experience and one that I personally love. This will make the 3rd show I have seen here and I have enjoyed each one. Unlike the bigger theaters in the area the Hackmatack shows generally have a smaller cast and provide an intimate setting which is way theater used to be.

Steel Magnolias at the Hackmatack Theater In Berwick, Maine Before the show there was a buffet that was provided by Hannafords in North Berwick and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. As we were called to take our seats the excitement began to grow and we settled into the small theater. I can tell you it was a great show, with just the right amount of laughter, the cast was excellent and all those I spoke to enjoyed the experience, myself included.

That Was The Week That Was.

So there you have it that was my first week in August. The second week I took to spend more time with my family and some of our adventures can be found on Somersworth Now’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

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