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Mother's Day Freedom Project, Somersworth, NHToday I had the honor of watching as Somersworth Police Chief, David Kretchmar received a framed copy of a poem that is entitled, “If you had heard my voice,” on behalf of the Somersworth Police Department.

The poem was penned by Monica Nagle and is part of a campaign known as the Mother’s Day Freedom Project. The project was the brain child of Monica and the mission is to gift a copy of the poem she wrote to every police department, homeless shelter and domestic violence shelter in the state of New Hampshire. Each of the framed poems are made possible in these locations with the help of local businesses who sponsor the cost which is $100 for each framed poem.

Somersworth’s Police Department‘s copy was donated by Dina Gagnon on behalf of her business, The Gathering Place which is located at 70 High Street. Dina was there to present the Police Chief with the framed poem outside the store. Also present was Monica whose passion for this project is undeniable.

Having spent time in tent city herself, Monica understands the plight of the homeless, the voiceless and those who suffer violence at the hands of others better than most. Many would turn to drink or drunks given the experiences that Monica has endured. Instead she has turned her negative experiences into positive ones with the help of her art. A prolific poet, song writer and artist Monica is well known in Dover and the surrounding area.

She has spent a lot of time on this project and her hope that is by placing the poem in these locations that it will help educate, empower and enlighten as we as a society and state work towards solutions to end all violence.

The poem presented today through the generosity of Dina Gagnon will be placed in the foyer of the Somersworth Police Station and act as a reminder that no man or women is an island. To date this is one of ten framed copies of the poem that Monica has secured spots and sponsorship’s for. These include, Somersworth, Dover, Durham, Milton, Rochester Police Departments as well as Crossroads, Lydia’s House of Hope, My Friends Place, Haven, and Hope On Haven Hill with many more in the works. All have found sponsorship for the poems from local businesses and individuals who see the good in the project.

I was going to type out the words of the poem but then I got to thinking, (which you know can be dangerous for me) and decided to let you go and take a look at the poem yourself once it is installed in the Somersworth Police Station Foyer. I will leave you with this snippet from “If You Had Heard My Voice,” though:

“If you Had Heard My Voice”
A tiny heart would not have exploded in an empty cathedral…
Quiet Screams would not be necessary…
Fear would not be dripping from my shadow….
Silence would not be your urgent request…

The rest you will have read for yourself.

Monica Nagle can be contacted at her website: where you can also find more of Monica’s awesome work, music and art. If you would like to get involved in the project Monica would love to hear from you as well.


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One comment on “Mother’s Day Freedom Project Aims To Curb Violence in New Hampshire

  1. Reply Monica Nagle Aug 16,2017 12:26 am

    Dear Jenne, I wanted to thank-you again for coming and be present today! It meant so much. Thank-you to Dina Gagnon and our wonderful Chief for honoring the voices of survivors. I hope people will read my poem and understand that true healing from any kind of violence is possible, whether it is war, personal or domestic. In my case, I wrote this poem as part of my healing process, after getting lost outside of Philadelphia, when I was just 20 years old… I made the mistake of asking the wrong person for directions and was abducted and brutally assaulted. I survived this act of violence, miraculously, through much grace. I believe I was spared my life for good reason. My faith pulled me through, I reached out for help and recovered, using my art, music and writing as positive coping tools. I made a commitment to help others in my community and this helped me heal as well. I will never forget, but I know… 40 years later I am continuing, very positive advocacy work and feel gratitude for every moment in my life. Every time I deliver a poem for The Mother’s Day Freedom Project… I feel I am giving a voice to all of those souls who were denied their own or didn’t make it out alive, especially the children. I KNOW we will reach our goal by Mother’s Day of 2018 and I am honored to be a part of this project. Thank-you for sharing with your Somersworth Readers! I am truly blessed! People can feel free to connect with me through my e-mail:

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