Iron Horse Pub is Somersworth’s Newest Eatery

Iron Horse Pub Somersworth, NH Somersworth’s newest pub and eatery opened to little fanfare on Friday August 18th at 3pm. The reason was this was a soft opening. The pub is located at 2 Main street which anyone familiar with the city will recognize as the address of that of the old Boston and Maine train station. The Iron Horse Pub chose its name as a nod to the history of the spot and the trains such as the Meredith that roared along the tracks many years ago.

Just to be clear the Iron Horse Pub is located in what was once Station 319 a place that holds many memories for Somersworth locals of a ummm certain age. Since 1887 the train station has stood in that spot and has served the community well.

The Iron Horse Pub Opens

Anyway back to the present, the new eatery aims to offer great food at reasonable prices and wants to become your local neighborhood eatery and pub according to General Manager Mark who was behind the bar when I joined in the fun last Friday. I love the space that is now the Iron Horse Pub and always have. It has everything I need to make this exactly what the new owner hopes it can be, a friendly neighborhood pub that is part of the fabric of the community that it serves.

I received a warm welcome from General Manager Mark and from the staff that were on duty and it wasn’t long before I found a seat at the bar and waited for my company to join me. I was joined shortly after by Somersworth Chamber of Commerce Events Manager, Lindsey Gagnon and we both sat at the bar and caught up on the days events over a glass of water. As we sat and chatted I was struck by how relaxed we both were, not all bars have that feel if the truth be told. We were left to chat in peace but were asked if would like some popcorn. There is no charge for the popcorn and it was good popcorn and is offered to all patrons at the bar.

Food and Drink A Plenty To Share

Our appetites whetted we ordered from the limited and simple menu. After some discussion we settled on the Mozzarella triangles. The service was quick and there were quite a few people in the bar by then. The mozzarella triangles I’m happy to report tasted as good as they looked and were very mozzerellery (I know that’s not a word, I made it up but it fits).

We also tried some nachos that were being passed around the bar and while they not mozerellery, (yes, I like this word and is probably why I am not a food blogger) they were very tasty. They came in a tub that as Lindsey pointed out was a good idea as so many times nacho’s are served on plates and spill out all over the place and can get really messy. These were contained and that made it easy to share which as Mark explained to me a little later was something that the Iron Horse Pub hopes to be known for.

Mark General Manager at the Iron Horse Pub, Somersworth, NH A little later I spoke to Mark the General Manager and he explained the concept for the Iron Horse. He and owner Brett want the pub to become a place where their neighbors feel welcome to come and share a bite to eat and perhaps a beer or two. They envisaged this when creating the menu and have several appetizers that are designed to be shared. The menu at the moment is deliberately simple but offers good food at reasonable prices. Mark explained that over time they will make adjustments based on feedback from customers. In fact the new owners want you feedback when you visit, they want the community to drive the menu and the direction of the pub.

One thing that I did notice as we were sat at the bar was that was different as well was the fact that drinks were offered in three different sizes. The smallest was a 10oz glass which would be the one I would choose to drink if I was so inclined. Now I’m not a great bar person but I really liked this idea and thought it was worth mentioning.

My Take

Staff of the Iron Horse Pub, Somersworth, NHI really liked the vibe of the Iron Horse Pub and wish the owners nothing but the best. I love the history of that building and I know I’m not alone in that. In order for the Iron Horse to succeed it needs one thing though that might be missing right now: YOU.

Yep that’s right without your support no local business can make it work. Brett and Mark recognize this and would love to see you at least try the Iron Horse. Once you’ve tried it they would love your feedback, suggestions and thoughts.

The Iron Horse Pub will be open Tuesday till Saturday from 3pm and a grand opening will be panned in the very near future. As of now if the flag is on Main Street they are open and invite you to join them downstairs at the train station for a bite to eat, a chat and perhaps a beer or two. See you there… In the meantime you can follow any of the links above to go to the Iron Horse Facebook Page and Website.

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