New Hampshire Liquor Store Proposed On High Street

New Hampshire Liqour Store propsed on High Street

I just spent an interesting morning at the Site Technical Review Board in city council chambers.

Now it might not sound like an interesting way to spend a morning but this is an important part of planning when it comes to the future development of the city and any proposed buildings.

Today four projects were brought before the board these included  the old Somersworth Hotel on Elm street, a request to add a walk in cooler by Bad Lab Brewery and an expansion of the Riverside Garage on High Street.

Riverside Garage

Riverside Garage, Somersworth, New HampshireThe last one was by far the most interesting of the proposed projects as it turns out that Riverside Garage. This is a building that has been around since 1920 and was originally an electric trolley stop/garage. Most know it as Riverside Garage these days and it has been in the city as a garage for the past 41 years. It sits opposite Tri-City Plaza. If all of the plans that were proposed today it will soon become the latest New Hampshire Liquor Store.

Proposed plans for new hampshire liquor storeThe proposal allows for 102 parking spaces on the 2.20 acre property and an expansion of the existing building. The site would be privately owned but leased to the State of New Hampshire and would remain a taxable property.

There is a long way to go before this project comes to fruition. Many more boards to pass but it seems that many of the questions asked by the technical review site board today were answered.

Of course if this goes ahead as planned this could mean the liquor store downtown in the Somersworth Plaza will be closed in the future. This is a determination that would be made in the future.

I’ll be following this and the many other projects in the city over the coming months….



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