Somersworth Firefighters a Vital Part of the Community

somersworth-fire-departmentI’m pretty sure when you think of the word fire, the next words are fire fighters but the truth is our fire fighters do so much more than simply fight fire. Of course the fact that they are there, when and if, you ever need them is a great asset to the community but there are other ways that the men and women of the fire department help within Somersworth.

Picture This!

A couple of Friday’s ago I witnessed this first hand when I was at Idlehurst school for the school wide picture. Now you might be forgiven for thinking what on earth was the fire department doing there but all was soon to become clear. This was not to be your average school picture by any means or stretch of the imagination and definitely required the help of ladder one.

You see the idea was to assemble all the kids and teachers on the school field at the side of the building. Everyone was dressed in blue and every class had a specific place to stand. That was so they could form a heart shape. From the ground taking the picture would have been an impossible task but with a little help from a fire ladder truck it was possible to turn the impossible into the possible.

somersworth-fire-fighterNow it’s no secret that there is just one thing I’m terrified of and that happens to be heights. I really, really don’t like heights so I was glad no one asked me to go up the ladder that was positioned and stretched out parallel to the playing field. The lucky person that got that job was Mrs. Val Kretchsmar who had borrowed a camera from her well know husband Greg for the occasion.

idlehurst-school-picture1It should be noted here that despite the fact that the weather has been spectacular all summer it was anything but this particular Friday. It’s no mean task to arrange for just short of 500 students to all wear blue on the same day or to simply all be in school, so as they say, the show must go on! We waited until there was a break in between the rather hefty showers that plagued the morning and the message went out over the speakers for all classes to make their way to the field.

idlehurst-school-pictureI followed and watched as Mrs Kretchsmar began what seemed the long climb to find the perfect spot for the perfect picture. Of course she had all the proper safety harnesses on but it still gave me the heebeegeebees watching as she and a firefighter made their way along the ladder. Now no picture comes out great with rain spots on the camera, so an umbrella was gallantly held high above her as she settled down.

idlehurst-kids-enjoy-a-treatA few snaps later and the picture was taken! Then came the long, careful journey back down the ladder. The school picture was complete and now it was time to relax.

The PTA had provided the school with ice pops for all of the children and set about delivering them. I went into one classroom and watched as colors were chosen and ice pops devoured for a job well done.

Think Pink This October

Somersworth firefighters think pink for breast cancer awareness monthToday I visited the fire department and took a moment to ask Lt. Matt Moore and Pvt. Bill Staples about the pink shirts that the department would be sporting the entire month of October. This is part of a national effort to raise awareness of breast cancer. SFD is joining fire departments across the country in the “Care Enough to Wear Pink” campaign to show support for individuals who have battled, or are currently battling this deadly disease. I have to say both gentlemen looked very fetching in their shirts. This is just one way that the men and women of the Somersworth Fire Department show their support for others in the community and in this case their own. You can find out more HERE.

Lt. Moore urged those who are thinking of giving their hard earned cash to a breast cancer charity this October do their research and find out just how much of the money is actually used in the fight before giving. I like to keep things local here at SomersworthNow and would suggest the Seacoast Cancer Center at Wentworth Douglas hospital or perhaps, a suggestion that Lt. Moore had for those who might be interested in supporting the cause.

Fire Open House

somersworth-fire-station-open-houseThe men and women of the SFD will be holding their open house on Saturday October 15th and they will be sporting their pink shirts. Not only will the fire department be giving demonstrations but also the rest of the Somersworth first responders community. The event promises to offer something for everyone and they hope that you will join them. The open house takes place at the fire station on Maple Street between 10am and 2pm and I for one will be dropping in and hope to see you there too.

Thank You

So there you have it! Like all of our first repsonders our local fire fighters are more than just the people you call in an emergency. They are part of this community we call Somersworth and a very important part.

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