Somersworth Students Paint and Then Send Bus to Get Destroyed

Somersworth Middel School StudentsWhat happens if you take one school bus, add in around 400 enthusiastic middle school students, a few buckets of paint?  Apparently you have a recipe for some Hilltopper pride.

This recipe is one that was being executed at Somersworth Middle School this week were the students prepared a functioning school bus to take part in the states only school bus demolition derby. Each student has been given the opportunity to wield a paintbrush and add their own flair to the big yellow bus that has sat outside the school all week.

Hilltopper PrideThe result has been a lot of fun, and a great looking bus that has a unique flair and character and will be easily recognizable as the Hilltop/Somersworth bus when it takes to the midway at Rochester Fair grounds on Saturday Night.

The school bus demolition is the only one that takes place in the state of New Hampshire and has to be seen to be believed. The event first began in 2012 and has taken place each year since, growing in popularity with the crowd each year. In fact it’s proved so popular that this year Rochester Fair organizers decided to add another night of racing.

Somersworth Middle School StudentsMy understanding is that each of the district buses that take part in the derby, are fully functioning and many were in service up until June this year. This will all change on Saturday night, when they take on a new lease of life. The bus this year will once more be driven by Somersworth’s own Aaron Wysocki during the derby. He is a braver man than me for sure and I wish him the best as once again he takes to the fairway.

If you would like to witness the Demolition Derby yourself then be sure to be at the Rochester Fair this Saturday evening. The fun begins in the fairway at 7pm and I wish Aaron a safe but fun journey as he displays some serious hilltopper pride!

(‘ll let you know how he gets on!)

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